Sources of Malaysian law are from written law and unwritten law. Islamic law also one the sources however, the application is limited in the Syariah Courts.

1.1 Written Law
Written law refers to the law embodied in the Federal and State Constitutions and in a code or a statute, including subsidiary or delegated legislation.  It can be found in writing and have undergone the process of law making by the legislative body
Legislative body in Malaysia can be divided into two: The Parliament for federal government and State Legislative Assembly for state government.
Parliament and State Legislature have to enact laws according to provisions in the Federal Constitution
          List I of the ninth Schedule for Parliament
          List II for State
          List III - concurrent

1.2 Unwritten law

Unwritten law is laws which are not the result of formal law making process. The law is not going through a legislative body, ie: Parliament or State Legislative Assembly. Not necessarily ‘unwritten’ - law which existed and practiced under the sanction of other specific law.

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